Top 5 Most Beautiful Brazilian Women

27 Aug 2019

One of the main sights of Brazil is the most beautiful Brazilian women in the world. As well as Brazilian culture – bright, positive, full of rich and saturated colours – passionate Brazilian beauties of the country of carnivals and Copacabana’s spirit don’t possess modest charm of a conceptual unisex.


Most Beautiful Brazilian Women

They are women developing sensuality and beauty which have become a standard for Brazilian girls. And men of all over the world are looking for these ladies, because they are the real embodiment of beauty.

Gisele Bündchen

A very popular supermodel of present time – Gisele Bündchen – has already broken all imaginable and inconceivable records of popularity, having become the most highly paid top model of the last years. She is the most demanded model in advertizing campaigns. Besides, she was called the most influential woman of Brazil.

Gisele’s appearance is like a quintessence of the modern ideas of beauty. Thin, lithe, Gisele Bündchen is a woman with cool shapes who is still slender and brittle. Long chestnut hair which is shining on the sun, freckles, blue eyes – the most beautiful woman in the world became the face of the leading advertizing campaigns – from perfumes of Dolce & Gabbana to advertizing of H & M bathing suits. Besides, Giselle was an “angel” of Victoria’s Secret on special conditions. The details of her exclusive contract with a brand are kept the strictest secret.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio is a well-known Brazilian beauty, legendary “angel” of Victoria’s Secret and the most long-legged model of South America. Slender, swarthy, with the snow-white smile, and delicate features, Alessandra is the girl of dream. She is a leader in ratings of man’s magazines. She also participates in advertizing campaigns of fashionable brands. Her special feature is in ability to convert the extreme sexuality into intelligent and classical beauty.

Giovanna Antonelli

Not in each country of the world the star of TV serial becomes the national heroine, but in Brazil where serials are the most powerful cultural layer, actors become idols along with football players and supermodels. So, the celebrity of serial “Clone” Giovanna Antonelli is considered the most popular and titled actress of Brazil. She is considered one of the most beautiful women of the country though her image is far from traditional ideas of hot Brazilian sexuality. Thin, with huge eyes, and open smile and long curly hair, Giovanna became the symbol of Globo TV company success and an example of classical femininity.

Juliana Paes

The TV host, actress and model Juliana Paes is called the Brazilian Aishwarya Rai. Seductive, languishing, fatal, Juliana is very and she doesn’t try to place emphasis on any other advantages. Her photo session for local Playboy is considered as classics, and roles in series become cult.

Brazilian girls are very beautiful and sensual and this fact explains their popularity among men. Of course, one can never meet one of the mentioned celebrities, but it is possible to meet a Brazilian escort who can be so beautiful as actresses and models of Brazil.