Brazilian Women Complimented

12 Feb 2019

Have you ever thought how you react to compliments? Are you confused? Do you use ordinary words to answer: “Thanks”, “Thanks, you too”?

Compliment is a form of praise, expression of approval, respect, delight; pleasant words and positive responses. The majority of people kindly treat compliments. Compliments stimulate successful activities and behaviour, lighten mood, improve human relations and raise a self-assessment. And get everything that was enumerated, it is very important for escorts to enjoy compliments and to respond correctly.

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What hinders to enjoy compliments?

  1. The low self-assessment, fear to become the centre of attention
  2. Faith that you didn’t do anything special
  3. Thought that the compliment obliges you
  4. The psychological tension, inability to communicate
  5. Doubt in sincerity of others, proneness to conflict, unwillingness to see positive, etc.

Three inappropriate responses to a compliment:

  • Confusion

Escorts with the underestimated self-assessment aren’t able to accept compliments – turn pale, flush, look away, mutter something, deny the advantages, focus attention on shortcomings: “I have absolutely awful figure!”


If the red confused face and the lowered look can add lovely look to the pretty escort lady, ridiculous mutter or emphasis on the shortcomings will influence the opponent badly.

For example, if the client hears such words from the hired escort, he can think he needs the company of such escort “with awful figure”. Besides, the denial of a compliment offends the interlocutor, hints that his judgement isn’t important for escort.

  • Inability to react to a compliment

Escorts who are afraid to be the focus of attention and people who do not know how to react to compliments, are also inclined to belittle or deny their advantages or automatically respond notorious “Thanks”, “Thanks, you too”, etc.


The standard response to a compliment can make impression that escorts are indifferent to the compliment or they are occupied with something.

  • Absent-mindedness and suspiciousness

Escorts with dispersed attention, scattered, uneasy, carried away by the thoughts, and also suspicious can ignore a compliment. One escorts do that, because they can’t switch attention in time, and others – because they internally prepare for fight: “What for? What does he need?”.


The interlocutor can decide that you grew proud, and the kind attitude towards another became alien to you. If he doesn’t know special features of your character (for example, absent-mindedness), it can lead to worsening of the relations.